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How to check the health of the battery? In order to pro […]

How to check the health of the battery?
In order to properly maintain the battery, please schedule a month to check the status of the battery. Today, there are tools that can help measure the current state of the battery. The following are the most commonly used tool for this purpose:
Battery load tester:
Battery tester load rated voltage of the battery checking operation. It has a display list, up to 16V voltage reading, and with a battery status indicator. It has positive and negative probe. The coil has an internal high current capacity, it can provide the necessary load through toggle switch. The following steps can easily test the battery voltage:
 off the engine.
 positive electrode probe tester load cell connected to the positive electrode.
Similarly, the probe is connected to the negative terminal of the negative electrode.
ensure that the two probes are properly connected to the battery terminals.
The instrument will display the status of the battery voltage reading.
Now open the load switch 05-07 seconds, to measure the load on the battery voltage.
Under ideal circumstances  healthy battery should show 12.5 volts.
If the meter in the vicinity of the needle  "weak" indicates skew, immediately replace the battery.

reverse sequence probe removed safely.
Hydrometer is another tool for measuring the battery condition. It can measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte, but can only be used with removable battery cover. Internal thermometer generally have a hydrometer. Please remaining battery life is measured in accordance with the following simple steps:
 first remove the lid from the top of the battery.
 The tip was immersed hydrometer first battery cell.
squeeze and release it from the back, the electrolyte to enter the cylinder pycnometer.
instructed to read a specific gravity of the electrolyte.
Note that all the cells of the readings.
readings compared with the readings given on the hydrometer.
 In general, reading between 1.265 and 1.299 indicates that the battery is fully charged. Any reading under this bracket indicate the battery is low.
Another way to check the battery operating conditions  using a multimeter. This process is similar to us for battery load tester.
How to replace the battery?
Follow these simple steps you can easily replace a car battery at home:
Remove the old battery:
First, remove generally designated with black or - negative battery symbol, to avoid arcing wrench ().
 disconnect usually labeled with a red or (+) positive terminal symbol.
 removing the battery "pressing jaws"
 battery weight is heavy, so take care to mention.
 If the battery tray is corrosion, clean it.
Connect the new battery:
 Carefully insert the new battery in its location.
 first correctly connected, "the pressing jaws."
 first connect the positive electrode, the battery is connected in reverse order terminals.
 connected to the negative electrode of the battery.
 ensure that the connection is not loose.
 The battery must be secured to avoid vibrations.
 terminals must be in a clean state.
 vaseline add on two terminals, because it reduces the corrosion process.
You can sell old batteries to the store to buy a new battery in the battery. These cells are also recycled automobile, to prevent dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. The old stereotype can be recycled to a variety of other products.
How to maintain the battery?
To extend battery life, should be properly maintained. Arrange a monthly battery maintenance. It includes the following things:
Cleaning and battery terminals:
Clean the battery is necessary to remove any corrosion or the battery terminal and the white powder surface. To do this, use warm water and adding a tablespoon of baking soda. Carefully remove the battery (e.g., the replacement section), to ensure that removable cover is properly tightened. Always use rubber gloves, as a white powder toxic, should not be in contact with the skin. The solution was thoroughly coated on the battery case. Properly clean the terminals. With a brush to a narrow space. The solution was allowed a few minutes, then washed with cold water. After this approach, the terminal will no corrosion. Carefully place the battery back in place.
Electrolyte level check:
By removing the top cover of the battery, the electrolyte level can be visually check the inside of the battery. Stereotype must be properly immersed in the electrolyte. If you find any battery electrolyte content in the fall, add some water to it. The solution was mixed correctly.
Use the battery charger / maintainer:
If your car idle for a long time, use the battery charger to keep the battery properly charged. If you do not charge the battery, the battery will soon be exhausted. The battery charger can greatly help to maintain the desired output voltage of the battery. Typically, it will appear in different modes according to the requirements, i.e. charge, boost charge and maintenance personnel. It can also be used to maintain the battery voltage. Carefully place the charger into a wall outlet. Connect the positive terminal of the battery positive cable and the negative cable connected to the negative terminal. Open the switch, so that normal battery charging.
Before departure, be sure to check the battery. Ignore battery condition might give you trouble in the vast sea. 10-15 minute checks may help you save a lot of time traveling. If you know of any other important aspects related to the battery, please mention in the comments section below.

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